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Clash Resolution

CDR: Clash Detection Reports

3DPrime will be submitting detailed CDR for each recognized clash as a part of process and same will be produced as an official document as well. This is originated and practical way of running the clash detection and resolution process and having records for rest of the team who may not use BIM tools. 3DPrime will be providing “Free of Cost” BIM Coordination and Communication tool that can be used effectively by LWIN team to communicate with Site Team – Project Team – Project Consultants and BIM team.

Hard Clash:

•Hard clash is exactly what it seems; two objects occupying the same space: a beam where a plumbing run is designed, a column running right through a wall. Simple stuff. But BIM modeling hard clash detection brings not only geometry based detection, but semantic and rule-based detection algorithms, due to the embedded information in the BIM modeling objects. Geometry based clash detection will return a clash for every recessed ceiling light, or a pipe running through a wall. But clash detection rules based on embedded object data can eliminate these common mistakes.

•The level of detail in BIM modeling is extremely important for the accuracy and efficacy of clash detection. So are selection sets, which allow a BIM modeling user to run a clash detection between specific subsets of a model, such as MEP against just ceilings, or structural against just walls.


Soft Clash:

•Soft Clash/Clearance refers to objects that demand certain spatial/geometric tolerances or buffers having objects within their buffer zone for access, insulation, maintenance or safety. Soft clashes are one of the real avenues where BIM modeling clash detection has brought new capabilities to the process.

•Custom “soft clash” detection can go as far as checking components for building code adherence, based, of course, on a robust object data population model. These models can be a great communication aide with Subs, showing exactly where they need to be and when.

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