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Revit Family Creation

3DPrime has a wide range of knowledge, insight and hands on experience in Revit family & Content creation. We have created more than 5000 parametric & non-parametric Revit families of all disciplines


Families in Revit are an important part of a BIM project developed with Revit. When we need anything, we tend to create it. Families are the components you use to build your model, such as walls, windows, stairs, doors, etc. Each family can have multiple types, such as different sizes, materials, parameter variables, etc. All of the elements that you add to your Revit projects are created with families.


3DPrime is a perfect outsourcing partner for all your Revit family & content creation. We provide customized and ready to use Revit family all over the world.

We have worked with reputed companies around the globe.


Our Services includes:


  • Architectural Family creation

  • Structural Family creation

  • MEP Family creation

  • Structural Components

  • Building system components

  • Fixtures & custom application

  • Partitions, Walls, Windows, door etc

Our BIM experts have been working in the same field over the years and part of research and development of BIM process as well BIM supporting software products. This puts us in a unique position as we can deliver the best of BIM services combined with usage of best of breed BIM software’s and BIM workflow and process, which we understand much better way and develop continuously. Our unique experience of understanding of current used technologies by Construction Industry with our BIM software services and support makes us trusted and knowledgeable technology partners to our customers in the rapidly expanding market where BIM has been a need of today.

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