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Facility Management

80% of the building cost is incurred during the life cycle of the building in repairs, maintenance, renovation. AS built FM model can be effectively used throughout life of the building.

Once a building is completed, the as-built drawings are the only resource if there are any renovations & repairs to be done in the future. This data may be inaccurate and is usually difficult to comprehend. As-built BIM models solve these issues.

The model is a central source for all kinds of documents. One can easily access as-built drawings as well as move around in the 3D environment and understand the space. For maintenance purpose the manufacturer related information can be embedded in various 3D elements.

With BIM, anyone can visualize elements like Pipelines, ducts, cable trays etc which are hidden behind walls & decorative elements.

Building Automation systems can be linked with our BIM Models, enabling facility managers a seamless control over their buildings which they can see using a 3D dashboard instead of just a conventional CMMS system.

With its unique model-based document & information access our BIM-FM offering helps owners and facilities managers better understand the buildings they operate. Use of 3D models makes it easier to access O&M information when it’s needed by simply clicking on an object in the model. Owners may view their buildings as a federated model or by individual disciplines. This flexibility provides facility managers with the best possible understanding of a building and its systems. BIM-FM process offers the unique capacity to Connect, Correlate and collaborate all project data to a 3D model or BIM during the design, construction or maintenance phases of the building lifecycle. Our solution can be utilized on all types of new construction or existing assets, whether commercial, infrastructure or resources.

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